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Broken doll close up by Lotus2503

Beautiful little doll, always so caring, always putting everyone else before herself. 

Doing any little thing within her means to bring a smile to another for it is there she finds her purpose, be it peace; joy; pleasure; or pain. Gladly morphing, changing, to give that solace to another; for in doing so she finds her own.

Yet still, every day a struggle, just to breath; ever night a battle field, just to see the next day.

She crumbles slowly, even with that solace, she still feels hollow. Can't truly trust a soul, used; abused; abandoned and tossed like trash, so many times. Her heart, though stitched a thousand weaves over, scared- just like her synthetic flesh, yet no eyes see.

They ignore and only see what they wish. 
A toy to simply use for a time, to string along till board.

Still, she tries to give a smile, with every last little fiber of her being. Knowing others are fighting their own battles and demons; hoping that her gestures, no mater how small or at times forced, might bring someone a bit of light, then maybe she isn't as broken and useless as she feels.

It gives her hope, that someday, someone will see beyond it all and take her away. She might not be able to trust them truly for a long time to come. Yet to have purpose again, to be wanted; desired; cared for, even when doing the caring; to be molded and shaped for that person, for that time, is the only wish every little doll makes.
Inspired from picture "Broken Doll" ©2011-2014 Lotus2503 
Writing ©Myself
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